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Yellow Sapphire Rings

Unique Fine Natural Sapphire Rings

Huge selection of yellow sapphire rings. Our natural sapphire rings are simply exquisite.
0.86 ctw Yellow Sapphire Ring in 14k yellow gold
1.36 ctw Yellow and White Sapphire Ring in 14k white gold
1.20 ctw Yellow Sapphire Band in 14k white gold
2.0 ctw Yellow Sapphire Heart Ring in 14k white gold
Customer Testimonial

I purchased my wife your yellow-orange sapphire and diamond tank ring for Christmas. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate how easy it was to do business with you and she just loves the ring. Now she sends me hints for what she'd like next. I think you may have created a monster.

J.C., Houston, TX

Engraved 1.14 ctw Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k white gold Engraved Three Stone Yellow Sapphire Diamond Rings
1.32 ctw Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k white gold
1.27 ctw Cushion Cut Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k white gold
1.17 ctw Princess Cut Yellow and White Sapphire Ring in 14k white gold
1.17 ctw Princess Cut Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k white gold
3.0 ctw Princess Cut Yellow  Sapphire Eternity Band in 14k
(white or yellow gold)
Special Order
1.75 ctw Yellow Sapphire Ring in 14k white gold
Semi Custom Design Services

Would you love it even more if it was slightly different? We offer semi custom design services so you can have it any way you want it.

1.56 ctw Yellow Sapphire and White Sapphire Ring in 14k white gold
1.31 ctw Emerald Cut Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k white gold
1.49 ctw Cushion Cut Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k white gold
1.37 ctw Emerald Cut Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k white gold
4.3 ctw Princess Cut Yellow  Sapphire Eternity Band
(white or yellow gold)
Special Order
1.45 ctw Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k white and yellow gold
1.01 ctw Diamond and Yellow Sapphire Ring in 14k white gold
1.62 ctw Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k white gold
1.43 ctw Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring in
14k w/y gold
2.71 ctw Ceylon Yellow Sapphire and Trillion White Sapphire Ring in 14k
1.23 ctw Princess Cut Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k white gold

More yellow sapphire ring styles>>Yellow Sapphire Rings Unique Yellow Sapphire Rings

MyJewelrySource is proud to present a spectacular collection of genuine yellow sapphire rings. We make all of our rings in house and source the fine quality gemstones one by one. We have beautiful designs in a range of gemstone sizes and price points. We want to emphasize that even in our more affordable priced designs, we did not skimp one bit on the quality of the yellow sapphire or the diamonds we used to create the rings. We are particularly fond of our oval yellow sapphire three stone ring which is done with your choice of accent diamonds or white sapphires, GR-5836 or GR-5836-WS. The symbolic design features a lovely light to medium yellow sapphire with a round white gemstone on either side. To make it just a little bit more special, we've added a Woodstock's feet style of engraving to the shank. This lends an heirloom feel to the design. Two of our other favorites are our GR-5848 and GR-5990. These eye-catching designs feature a more intense yellow sapphire surrounded by a single or double diamond halo. Fine quality gemstones, like the yellow sapphire used in all of our rings, look amazing on their own, but they really come alive even more when surrounded by brilliant sparkling white diamonds. Our GR-5848 presents an emerald cut yellow sapphire surrounded by two rows of small diamonds for a bright, stunning, but not overstated, look. This one really looks like a fancy yellow diamond ring. Our GR-5990 is done with a single larger diamond halo surrounding a cushion cut bright yellow sapphire. We think this ring will simply put a smile on your face! Again, it's dazzling without being too much. Sapphire is the traditional gift for the fifth and forty-fifth wedding anniversaries and the birthstone for September.

Enhancements:  Although cutting is the most basic enhancement method necessary to display the beauty of a gemstone, there are many fascinating methods by which man has demonstrated his ability to draw maximum color, luster, clarity and brilliance from natures earthbound treasures. A basic understanding of these enhancement techniques will add to your appreciation of the beauty, durability and value of the gemstone jewelry you already own, or plan to purchase in the future. Most sapphires are treated with heat after being mined. Heat treatment of sapphires is a permanent, industry accepted treatment requiring no additional care over that of unheated sapphires. There are other treatments used to enhance the color of sapphires which are not industry accepted, may not be permanent, and therefore not sold by our company. Approximately, 99% of sapphires used in jewelry are heated, leaving 1% which are unheated and considered very rare. You should assume that the sapphires sold at MyJewelrySource are heated unless stated otherwise.

Buying a Sapphire: All in all, sapphire can be considered the ideal colored gemstone. Besides excelling in color selection, sapphire excels in durability with a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness.  Sapphires in sizes of 1 carat and over are considered to be important. Some inclusions are accepted although certainly not as many as with ruby or emerald. Nearly all of the sapphires at MyJewelrySource.com are eye clean and most important, all are pleasing to the eye. We offer a wide range of colors from a traditional Ceylon blue, to rich lustrous royal blue, to many styles with pink, orange, and yellow sapphires.

Care of Sapphires: Since sapphires are tough and durable, they can withstand most cleaning methods. While steaming and ultrasonic cleaning will not damage the gemstone, these methods are not recommended by MJS as they may loosen the setting, and subsequently, stones may fall out. Your sapphire jewelry may be cleaned with a soft-bristled brush or a cloth with plain or soapy water. Sapphires must not be put in boiling hot water. Avoid exposure to hairspray, perfume and chlorine, which can dull gemstones.

See our jewelry in all its glorious detail. We are now offering video on many of our beautiful creations.

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