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MyJewelrySource uses only fine white diamonds in our diamond jewelry.  This is of higher quality than you will find at most retail jewelers, home shopping channels or other internet sites.

I love the sapphire and diamond halo earrings! You were right in picking the center sapphire stones. They are beautiful and sparkle as do the small diamonds in the halo. Thank you for your expertise and fast service!


Mukilteo, WA

I just had to message you about the ring, I just received it today and I'm beyond happy. The pictures do not do the ring justice. It is simply amazing. It is just what I've been wanting for years. Thank you so much. I definitely will be buying more from you.

C.H., Peoria, AZ

We received the wedding rings yesterday and are so pleased with them! The size, the engraving, the gorgeous sapphires, everything is perfect ! I will take a picture one of these days and send it to you! Thanks so much for a wonderful experience buying from you! Despite being so far away, you made us feel like your only customer and spent a great deal of time answering all of our questions. What a different experience from the local jewelry stores... I will certainly recommend you to whomever I can, and of course keep you in mind if I ever look for another rainbow sapphire piece! All the best,

R.B.., Springfield, VA
So I got the ring, and I have to say that for the first few days, I had to take it off while driving BECAUSE I COULD NOT STOP STARING AT IT. It is BEAUTIFUL and EXACTLY what I wanted. It's so hard to find excellent customer service - especially online with a faceless stranger-  but you have always delivered, both when we bought the original ring eleven years ago, and now with this custom band for our 10th anniversary.  Everyone within eyeshot is solidly impressed. Thank you SO much. You guys ROCK. I'll be back for more for my fifteenth and 20th!  :)

B.M., Richfield, MA
You are right that I had searched a lot of sources for a good pair of sapphire and diamond earrings. Let me tell you why your company "won". You can share this with everyone there.
These reasons are not in any particular order. But the earrings had to hit all these marks to get me to buy.
1. The design is pretty, and unusual. The curved ring of diamonds with a dangling stone below it had a bit of a retro look that appealed to me.
2. The quality of the stones hit the right value point. I won't buy anything in diamonds that is less than an SI-1 and a G-H color. A VS is even better if I can afford it, but that usually drives the price up out of my range. You diamonds hit the mark spot on and the price was fair. I also won't buy any non-diamond gem that is lab created. Your sapphires have a really fine color - a rich deep blue while still being translucent and they are eye clean.
3. You provide written, signed evaluations from a GIA gemologist. For insurance purposes, this is a must. And in addition, without that report, there really is nothing to back up the claims on the color and clarity ratings. My eyes (and my magnifiers) tell me you we totally telling the truth, but I'm not a GIA graduate! Ha ha!
4. Your personal human service! The fact that I could inquire about the piece by phone and get somebody on the line promptly who knew the jewelery, and make a firm promise on delivery, totally clinched the deal for you.
Finally...your competition. The other serious competitor you had on this was Angara Jewelers. I have never used them before, either. They had nice pieces, but their prices were just too high for stones that were the same quality as yours.
I will definitely consider you first for future jewelry purchases. You were superb in every respect!
Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

M.M., Oregon City, OR
I have received the emerald ring.  It is just exquisite.  The color and clarity is exactly how you described it to be.  I am not sure that I have ever seen such a beautiful natural emerald.  It is absolutely the most beautiful green with excellent clarity.  Everything about how it is set is quite elegant as well.  I love the yellow and white gold combination and the engraving on the sides of the band.  The baguette and round diamonds catch the light and sparkle and compliment the emerald perfectly.  The ring is a work or art and looks perfect from all sides.  It is quite lovely.

D.S. Kutztown, PA
WOW! The ring is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much. It's wonderfully pretty and the stones are really lovely and bright. Thank you so much. It's delightful and will bring so much pleasure. You've done a wonderful job. It seems to be the perfect size so we're really happy for your good judgement on the sizing too.  Thank you for pulling out all the stops and making the seemingly impossible possible!  It's been a wonderful experience dealing with you. 

E.S.  Ft. Pierce, FL
About 6 years ago I ordered a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring from My Jewelry Source not knowing anything about the quality or integrity of the company. Upon its arrival I immediately took it to a GIA certified independent appraiser who commented on what a good value and quality the ring was. She said just the sapphire was worth $2000.00 dollars more than I paid for the whole ring! Just this past month or so I emailed Patricia to ask her if she could set a sapphire in a mount I already had. I asked if she could send it to have it GIA certified and inscribed, the ring sized, and the prongs built up (a local jeweler quoted me 250.00 to build them up, Patricia quoted 50.00). She was perfectly agreeable. We exchanged several emails, some of which she answered even while she was on vacation! I received the ring today and it is stunning. I am writing this rather long recommendation because anyone who considers purchasing from Patricia can do so with absolute confidence they are getting what she says and that she offers very competitive prices and more than honest service!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Patricia for going more than the extra mile!!

D.G. North Carolina
I was just engaged last week.  My fiance purchased my ring from you all and I must say I am floored at how lovely it really is.  The pictures do not do it justice.  I wanted a sapphire ring but I had no idea that it would be such a show stopper.  The stone is big and a lovely corn flower blue and the setting is perfect.  I have never seen a ring that is as striking as mine! I just love it.

N.J. Jacksonville, FL
OH MY GOSH!! I'm clearly not a traditional guy. My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE COLOR IN THE WORLD IS PURPLE! I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my girl was gonna get an amethyst ring as an engagement ring. I scoured the stores.  I began @ Kay's (Everything doesn't begin there!) I went to Jared (I knew right away that I wasn't paying that price). I scoured the net and couldn't find THE RING. Needless to say, I put my laptop down for almost 2mos! Then one Sunday, I took a shot in the dark and typed in "Amethyst Engagement Rings." My Jewelry Source popped up as a possibility of stores. I went through the first page and saw some pretty nice rings then, I went to page 2. Did I say, "OH MY GOSH ALREADY??" I FOUND THE RING THAT SAID "R. Hollis" (Amethyst GR-2064).

I called on a Sunday and spoke to Patricia. On the website the ring is advertised as a "3.85 total carat weight." When I read the Certificate of Authenticity, it said, "4.25 total carat weight!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!!  The ring is even more gorgeous than the picture. It's a week before Valentine's Day and it's burning a hole in my pocket. I can't wait to go to our favorite cheesesteak shop in phila, pa and pop the question. She's is gonna freak!

Patricia. You are the absolute best! My Jewelry Source is where I will be shopping from now on.

R.H. Salisbury, MD

 I am in my fifties, and I have been searching for the perfect sapphire ring (my birthstone) my entire life. That really is not an exaggeration! I am extremely picky, and nothing ever really even seemed to come close to what I wanted.  So I knew myself better than to settle for something I wouldn't love. Then Christmas Eve of last year my husband had given me to go ahead to find a sapphire ring. I had been scouring the internet for sapphire rings when I clicked on your website. I began looking at the rings without much hope of finding something, but then I saw it. I simply stopped and stared! It was and is absolutely breathtaking!
Although I love sapphires, I am not a fan of the deep, dark blue that many say a "true" blue sapphire should be. I have always loved the shade that is more of a cornflower blue.  This ring is the exact shade I have been searching for. The setting is  beautiful! I love the millgrain and the way the stone sits up off my finger.  The diamonds are a nice size and certainly noticeable. The ring is impressive and irresistible from every angle! I have received many, many compliments on it, and I am thrilled to be adding the matching band to create my perfect wedding set.

Many thanks to you for your help! I have recommended your website to anyone who comments on my ring. I am so pleased with it! Wishing you continued success!

L.R. Cloverdale, IN
I just wanted to say a major thank you to Patricia and MJS staff. Patricia was so accommodating and patient with me as I changed my mind numerous times over the months it took to design my gorgeous engagement ring. She went above and beyond to find me the perfect stone. The 4.5 carat Yellow Sapphire is absolutely stunning and the beautiful diamonds really do make the perfect setting to show off the lemon yellow of the sapphire. The ring is more beautiful than I could have hoped for. Everyone that sees it compliments how gorgeous and unique of a ring It is. We can't thank you enough!

 C.C. and Y.L. Boston, MA
My husband got me the ring of my dreams GR-5495.  We have been married for 2.5 years and I still can't believe how lucky I am to have him and this amazing ring.  I had been searching the internet when I came across it, I hinted to him about it.  I remember staring at the picture online many times a day wondering how it would even look in real life.   I was so happy when he proposed to me with it.  My ring looks better in real life then online.  I constantly receive compliments on it as it is definitely a unique piece.

Thank you so much for bine my jewelry source.  Even my husband said the whole process was painless and that
your customer service was great to work with.

L.M. Camden, IN
I wanted to let you know I gave the ring you made me to my now fiancee, and she absolutely loves it.  I mean really loves it.  Its pretty funny, she is not big on material things, so all the complements she has been getting makes her nervous.  Everyone who has asked to see it has told her how amazing it looks and asked if I got it myself or where I got it.  Bottom line, I want to thank you so much for your help, as well as let you know how much she, and everyone else, love the ring. 

Thank you,
M.T. Arlington, VA

This place is AMAZING! The people are so professional, friendly and helpful. My fiance allowed me to choose my wedding set and I knew I wanted blue topaz, it's my birthstone. I image Googled Blue Topaz wedding sets and my ring was there. As soon as I saw it I knew that was the one. Don't get me wrong, I did my research for months on MJS, read reviews and compared pricing. The picture of my set did it no justice I've had it for officially 2 days and got 8 compliments from total strangers already. The ring was not sized and delivered in about 8 business days. Patricia and other staff actually followed up to give us the tracking info and even after delivery they checked in to make sure that I was satisfied. I've worked sales  my entire life and I'm BIG on customer service. My Jewelry Source gets a Stellar rating. Exceptional service and eye popping gemstones!!!!!!

C.H. Washington DC
I just received my ring!!!!  It is GORGEOUS indeed, I can't believe how BEAUTIFUL it is, it is the most amazing ring ever. I read testimonials in your website and everybody said how their rings were more stunning in person and how come the pictures don't do them justice, and I totally agree. The problem now is going to have to WAIT for our wedding day to wear it, we'll get married on June the 5th. It is going to be hard :)   I want to thank you for ALL your help, you have been awesome to work with. If you want to use this message as a testimonial, please go ahead.

M.R. Canada

I would like to take this (belated) opportunity to thank you for the wonderful service when purchasing my ring.  Being in Australia, I was hesitant to purchase overseas, however I just could not find 'my ring' here, so I just had to trust that there would be no problems with the post.  There wasn't!  My beautiful ring arrived in perfect condition, well packed and cleverly described to ensure safe transit.  I have not hesitated in recommending you and MyJewelrySource to everyone.

Once again, a big thank you for taking the time to look after me (no question was silly) and being patient with me.  It honestly felt as though I was your only customer, although I am certain you are a very busy woman dealing with lots of customers every day! Thank you,

K.S. Australia
I wanted to send an email to tell you that I finally got my ring!  Neil proposed this weekend, he finally found the "right" time to do it but really I think he was just waiting for it to be a true surprise!  It was well worth the wait, the ring is gorgeous!  It exceeded my expectations, it is literally perfect.  I am so happy that we were able to design it with you, it's beautiful.  I can't stop staring at it, smiling at it and talking about it!  The added touches on the basket are exquisite, you captured exactly what I loved so much about the other style ring.  I am very happy with my decision not to put diamonds on the front and back side of the band, it has enough sparkle without being over the top.  You were right about the color of the stone, it too is perfect.  Thank you so much for the extra time that you took to find the stone, it is the exact shade of pink I wanted, it's gorgeous, more than I could have imagined!  It is so beautiful!!

Again I can't say it enough, IT IS PERFECT!  I have the most beautifully crafted ring at an amazing value, something we never would have been able to get if we had gone into the mall or a chain store.  It is such a wonderful experience to get to work with someone on such an important piece of jewelry, this is the ring I will wear always and it is just right for me.  Thank you again.
M.H. Phoenix, AZ

D.O. Pittsburgh, PA
I just wanted to let you know that I received the rings today and they are absolutely gorgeous! I am so thrilled with the way they turned out. They are even better than I could have imagined and I am so proud to wear them. I really appreciate you customizing the set for me in yellow gold -- it's stunning. I also love that the rings have a nice heavy feeling, and they are big -- but not imposing. I couldn't be happier! I also appreciate the secure packaging that you used to make sure everything got here safely -- and it did.  Thanks again, I will be sure to recommend myjewelrysource.com to anyone looking for unique and reasonably priced jewelry!

E.G. New Albany, IN
I received my beautiful ring yesterday. It is the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen. I wanted to personally thank you all for being so nice to me, changing my due date when needed,  during my time of unemployment.  I have posted a pic of my ring on my FaceBook  page and I got 34 comments within like one hour, lol! Everyone asks me where I got it and I have gladly told them the website address and added how nice you all are to work with. I hope you get some business off it. I will definitely do business with you again and again, thanks so much for your kindness.

M.W. Ooltewah, TN 
I think you should put up a consumer warning on your site, something like, "WARNING:  THE JEWELRY FEATURED ON THIS SITE IS MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN REPRESENTED IN THE PICTURES."  Seriously, I know you hear this all the time, that the items look so much more lovely in life than in the photographs.  I just received the purple sapphire ring I ordered. OMG!  It is so gorgeous I almost cried.  The color is deeper and brighter than the picture would indicate.  I got a compliment on it ten minutes after it was on my hand.  A friend of mine who has worked at Key Jewelers for years said, "Beautiful sapphire - wait - Asscher cut diamonds?  Really?  I've only seen a couple of those in my life, and that was in remount events.  How did you find them!"

This piece will be yet another find from MJS that will become a favorite that I will wear all the time.  Thank you once again for brightening my life with a simply beautiful, eye-catching piece of jewelry to look at.  I can't tell you how pleased I am with this ring!
C.O. Syracuse, NY

I wanted to write to tell you how much I LOVE my ring!!!!   When it comes to jewelry, this ring is the one I've dreamed of having for over 30 years.   It's everything I dreamed it would be and I can't thank you enough. This past week, I've had my hands in more gunky water than you can imagine!   My nails are trashed, my hands are a mess, but this ring still sparkles like the day I took it out of the box!!

I've been dating a man for several months now and he wants to get married.    When I ordered this ring, he asked me if I was getting it for a wedding ring, and I told him for now, it's just MY ring, but IF we do get married, I'll use it as a wedding ring.  When I ordered this ring, I did a very foolish thing.    I've looked online hundreds of times over the last couple of years and have found this very same ring in lots of different places. The day I came across your website and found the ring, I guess I was just in "one of those moods" and I wrote to you and then we talked on the phone and impulsively I decided it's now or never and I told you go go ahead and order it for me.    
AFTERWARDS, it occurred to me that I'd done a very foolish thing!!!   I'd given no thought to the validity of your company and I had sent $1500 (non-refundable!!!) to total strangers!!!  From that point on, the best I could do was to HOPE I hadn't made a huge mistake.

The first thing that impressed me was YOU.   You were the only contact I had with the company and I could only judge by my communications with you.   You were friendly and knowledgeable and I enjoyed talking with you. Then you told me your jeweler wasn't happy with the way the stones were fitting.   You told me what solution he/she had decided upon and I was impressed with that.   Obviously I was dealing with people who had knowledge of what they were doing. And then the was the question of the color of the stones.   There was a solution for that also.  And when it came via UPS, I was impressed with the attention to small little details, like the invoice..not just ordinary cheap white paper stuffed in the box, but cream colored, quality paper, folded, in an envelope
All in all, I have to say, that if ever I'm in the market for any other jewelry, I'll know exactly where I'll want to go!!    As a matter of fact, I've been wanting some earrings, but can't make up my mind whether I want studs or leverbacks.   Since I wear my jewelry every day, probably studs would be best, but when I decide, I'll come straight to you! Thank you Patricia.   Thank you for making this a very pleasant experience and Thank You for making my 30 year dream come true. Very sincerely,

K.R. Winnie, TX
A while back, I ordered a mandarin garnet ring from My Jewelry Source.  I should have written long ago to express my appreciation for your site and for this absolutely gorgeous ring.  It arrived promptly and this exceptional stone is much more beautiful that it even appeared in the picture (it glows!), at a price so reasonable for the high quality that I feel like I stole it.  People comment on it all the time.  My latest compliment came yesterday - from a jeweler - so I decided it was high time I gave you some well-deserved feedback.  It may seem like a cliche to use the phrase "high high quality; low low prices" but it sure is true in your case.  Keep up the great work and thanks again. 

C.O. Liverpool, NY 
I got the ring! Its absolutely fabulous; its everything I was hoping for and more. I love the custom work, thank you so very much for working with me to create the perfect ring. I really appreciate the quick responses and suggestions that made online ordering easy with your company and will definitely recommend My Jewelry Source to family and friends. Thanks again, I look forward to future purchases from MJS!

M.P. Lanai City, Hi
I just wanted to let you know that I have just received the most beautiful ring I have ever seen!!! Your sapphire and diamond jewelry is truly phenomenal and worth every penny. In addition, the customer support that I received was exceptional. Please accept my compliments and expect to be hearing from me again for another purchase. Thank you!

S.B. Denver, PA
This ring is absolutely gorgeous!  It is everything that I hoped it would be.  Most jewelry stores do not even carry blue zircons and I wanted a 10th wedding anniversary celebration ring with my birthstone in it.  This is beyond all that I hoped it would be.  My husband and I love it.  Thank you!!!

D.H. Raleigh, NC
Wow! This is my first thought when I received my new wedding rings from my jewelry source.com.  My husband and I are having our 20th wedding anniversary on Sept 7th 2011.  Last September, I decided that I wanted a new semi mount for my marquise diamond and a new wedding band.  I looked online for the perfect ring for a very long time, then, found MyJewelrySource.com website.  They have so many beautiful semi mounts to choose from, with a vintage look.  That is what I really wanted.  I checked several websites, but I found just what I was looking for here.  I called the phone number and talked with Patricia, who was awesome!  I wanted the DR-1116-18 in Rose Gold.  When Patricia said they could make it for me, I was so happy.  Not many places would go out of their way to do that.  I also wanted pink sapphires along the top of the main stone instead of the diamonds and she said "no problem, what color of pink sapphires do you want?"  Pink sapphires come in several shades of pink.  So I told her.   And.....after many months of waiting on their wonderful layaway plan.
I received my rings a couple weeks ago, I was so impressed with how incredibly beautiful they were.  Just what I wanted.  The size was a perfect fit.  Then, yesterday, I got my ring back from my local jeweler who set my marquise diamond on my very special new semi mount ring.  I love it!!!.  No other words can describe my feelings. I have to say, if you want something beautiful and very nice quality, go with myjewelrysouce.com.  When my husband went to pick up my ring from our local jeweler who set my diamond on this beautiful new ring, the woman who gave it to him said, she never seen anything so pretty. 
Thank You Patricia, thank you Jewelry Source. com.  Thank you!   I promise, I will be back for more of your beautiful jewelry.  I have my eye on that rainbow sapphire bracelet. Anyone skeptical??  Don't be.  They are true to their word.  They want to make you happy and present their beautiful products for your beautiful fingers, necks, ears and wrists.

T.L. Lake Preston, SD
To all of you would be purchaser's, rest assured-- this is the real deal: a legit , REAL professional jewelry store with gorgeous jewelry design! My husband and me had been looking for a new ring for about a year. I had looked at a few privately owned jewelry stores, as well as on line. I kept coming back to " My Jewelry Source." I had decided that what I  wanted was a "fancy" pink sapphire with white gold and some accent diamonds --- in steps this very beautiful pear shaped, pink sapphire, with diamond accents and in white gold ring at My Jewelry Source. My husband noticed this one  particularly stunning pear shaped sapphire ring, flanked with very small diamonds and in white gold! Having never before ordered any major jewelry purchase online, I called the phone number listed on the site and spoke with Brian. His knowledgeable, sincere voice , along with the 30 day return policy, all gave me the sense of reassurance  I needed to order the ring!   I was so reassured in fact, that I  spent an extra $20.00 and had it shipped next day air! Let me tell you, I hadn't read any of the other testimonials either-- it just felt right. When my ring arrived the next morning, I knew as soon as I saw it, it was " a keeper"--indeed, my new ring we had taken our time to look for. It is no joke: the pictures do not do the rings the justice they deserve; my ring is stunningly beautiful!  When I took the ring to my  private jeweler's to have it "accredited" , I didn't think the female owner  wanted to take it off her finger. :) My husband commented, he didn't think she wanted to take it off her finger!!  I left it with her to be sized here in NM, instead of shipping it back to be sized--just a personal preference. Anyway, my words do not capture how pleased I  am with my purchase and my experience with My Jewelry Source. All That I can really say is--rest assured! :)

 Loving my ring in New Mexico, USA!
E.B. Albuquerque, NM
I just wanted to let you know how excited and pleased I am with my new ring. We purchased the Pink Tourmaline ring GR-9178 and it is just about the prettiest thing I have ever seen!! I can't stop looking at it!! This is my engagement/wedding ring and it is just what I wanted. We looked locally and just could not find a pink tourmaline in the size and design that said "That's It".  I am so happy to have found your site on-line and the purchasing experience was flawless!!  Thank you again so much for a ring that will bring me many years of happiness and compliments!!

G.S. Des Moines, IA
Hello team, I have just received my ring and I have to say it is absolutely beautiful, thank you so much for your wonderful service also. The blue is amazing and the diamonds are so white. I will be definitely  recommending your company to my family and friends. Once again I am very happy and I have total confidence in buying from you again.

P.P. West Yorkshire, GB
I have my ring!  :)  It's amazing!  I just wanted to send a quick thank you -- I had read all of the testimonials on your website, and being me, I took them all with a grain of salt.  As you know, I was nervous about my (now) fiance purchasing a ring online, but I couldn't find a good selection of yellow sapphire rings anywhere but on your site.  I'm so glad that I took your advice and went with the ring we ended up with.  I can't believe the number of compliments that I get.  It's awesome!  And, like the testimonials say, the pictures didn't do the ring justice.  On a side note, we took it in to a jeweler to have them test the stones, and (this is no lie), at first sight, the two ladies behind the counter were surprised that it was a sapphire.  They thought it was a yellow diamond.  The man that tested the stones said it was one of the prettiest rings he's seen!  It's almost comical the reaction that this ring gets from people!!  It is perfect.  That sums it up.  It is perfect.  Again, thank you so much!

J.T. Eagan, MN
Thanks you so much for all the effort you put into finding my sapphire ring. It's just what I had in mind. You have been wonderful to work with and I hope to again when I get earrings. I never bought any jewelry on the internet but you made the experience so easy. I would feel comfortable telling my friends. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

D.D. Nashville, TN
I received my ring today :-) the ring is BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE how the green, yellow & white diamonds look! The stone are a lil smaller than I imagined they would be, but I really really like it! Thank you for all your suggestions & helping design the perfect mother's ring just for me! I will cherish it forever! Your one on one customer service is amazing! You are an affordable jeweler that was prompt at getting my ring designed, made & shipped! I couldn't be happier!  YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND!!!!!!   A MILLION APPLAUSES TO MY JEWELRY SOURCE & PATRICIA!!!!!!!  Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Thanks so much! ( A VERY VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!)
 J.R. Arthur, IA
My ring arrived safely.  I called my fiance when it was delivered and opened the box with him on the phone.  I didn't expect to get so emotional but when I finally placed it on my finger I couldn't help myself.  Oh, my gosh! I didn't think it possible, but my ring is even more beautiful than how it showed in the photos!  The way the light dances off the sapphire...it just sparkles!  The diamonds perfectly compliment the beautiful radiant cut cornflower blue gem.  I am so glad you gently suggested that I have the matching band designed with more diamonds instead of plain.  I know the diamond band will only further enhance this incredible ring. Thank you Patricia for everything!  I have to admit that I was leery of purchasing such a significant ring online, and I did hold my breath when I opened the box, but this ring is everything I had hoped for and more.  It is absolutely the most gorgeous sapphire ring I have ever owned.  Thank you so much!  I suspect I will receive many inquiries about my ring and when I do I will let them know where to go!

K.L. Pismo Beach, CA

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