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1 gram is 0.03527396 ounces

Conversion Table: grams to ounces

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ruby rings
Pink Sapphire Diamond Rings
Tanzanite and Diamond Ring
Yellow Sapphire Rings
London Blue Topaz and Diamond Halo Ring in 14k white gold
Princess Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Ring in 14k white gold
Amethyst and White Sapphire Ring
Emerald and Diamond Ring
gramsounces   Yellow Sapphire Rings
Sapphire and Diamond Rings

Princess-cut Pink Sapphire Ring

1 ctw Rainbow Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k yellow gold
Peridot and Diamond Ring

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1 g0.0353
2 g0.071
3 g0.106
4 g0.141
5 g0.176
6 g0.212
7 g0.247
8 g0.282
9 g0.318
10 g0.353
11 g0.388
12 g0.424
13 g0.459
14 g0.494
15 g0.529
16 g0.565
17 g0.600
18 g0.635
19 g0.671
20 g0.706
21 g0.741
22 g0.776
23 g0.812
24 g0.847
25 g0.882
26 g0.917
27 g0.952
28 g0.988

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Amethyst Ring Unheated Natural Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring  Green Amethyst Rings. Also known as Green or Mint Quartz.  


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