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It's all about gold weight, durability and craftsmanship.


Gold Weight and Durability


MyJewelrySource gold jewelry is made the way it was before the gold market quadrupled over the last decade. As gold prices have continued to rise, gold jewelry has become thinner and thinner to keep costs down.  Manufactures have been able to maintain the same or similar looks using fewer and fewer grams of gold.  The only problem is that as gold gets thinner, the gold jewelry has become more prone to breakage and denting.  Some omega necklaces are now made with silicone in the inside to add weight and keep the necklace from denting.  Not gold jewelry from MyJewelrySource- when you buy gold, you are buying only gold.  Our gold has remained HEAVY and contains the same amount of gold as it did a decade ago.  Our jewelry is heavy, and therefore durable, and feels luxurious and substantial when your wear it. It's not cheap, light and flimsy like so much of the gold jewelry you see out there nowadays.

So the when you are comparison shopping be sure to check out the actual gold weight.  You will find that our gold jewelry has more gold and is ounce for ounce less expensive than our competitors.


If you are looking for gold jewelry that is expertly crafted, that will hold up to a lifetime of wear that you are look for gold jewelry from MyJewelrySource. Our slogan is Set yourself apart ® and to that end, we strive only to carry the best.  We do not offer gold jewelry that is light weight and prone to damage, and all of our gold jewelry is inspected against our rigorous quality standards.  You can be assured that you will be able to enjoy your MyJewelrySource gold jewelry for a lifetime and pass it on to the next generation.