Why is there a non-refundable amount for Ring Sizing?

All of our rings are available in very limited quantities with many being one-of-a-kind.  Therefore, when a ring order is placed in a size other than the stock size listed (on the product page under "Size"), the ring is either sized or remade.  For most rings, this means removing the center stone (and possibly the diamonds) for the stock ring and resetting them in the newly made ring. 

We do this for free, however, we do make a certain portion of the purchase price non-refundable to recoup sizing costs not originally charged to the customer. We have found that our customers prefer free ring sizing with a non-refundable amount over a fee up front for sizing.

Please note that the non-refundable amount listed applies only if ring sizing has been selected and that the amount is not an additional fee (i.e., it is not added to the purchase price).  The non-refundable amount is the amount which would not be refunded if an item is returned or the order is cancelled after selecting ring sizing.

Recouping these costs when a customer returns a sized ring or cancels an order during the sizing process keeps our prices low for everyone.

How can I make my ring purchase FULLY Refundable?

For immediate shipment, or for your purchase to be fully refundable,  you may simply order the ring without sizing (i.e., order the stock ring size).  Within one month, after you have had an opportunity to inspect the ring and have decided to keep it, you may return your ring to us for one free sizing.  We also ship the ring back to you for free (for international orders, there is a $40 shipping charge ($30 for Canada)).  You may also have your local jeweler size your ring for you.