The Highest Quality at the Lowest Prices
Blue Sapphire Ring
We sell jewelry of exceptional quality for less. Here's how:
We Save so You Can Save...
  • We Manufacture our own Jewelry. We do not purchase finished jewelry and pay the middlemen mark-ups. Instead we source the gemstones from around the world ourselves and then manufacture our jewelry in the Los Angeles jewelry district - the largest jewelry manufacturing district in the United States. This enables us to produce our jewelry as inexpensively as possible while having access to the best professional jewelry craftsmen and allows us to maintain tight control over our quality.
  • Minimal or No advertising. Advertising usually makes up a very significant portion of a companies expenses. Those Google ads that you see can be EXTREMELY expensive. We have done almost no advertising since we went online in 2000.
  • No Store. We are a family owned and run internet-only company. We do not have the many expenses of running a "brick and mortar" store such as rent, security, displays, sales people, and store related insurance.
  • We Love Cost Cutting. We constantly look for ways to cut our operational costs - from website design, photography, and even electricity. In the last example, we installed solar panels years ago which cover 100% of our electrical needs. They have already paid for themselves and now our electricity is free! As with everything else, if we don't have to pay, you don't have to pay.

You can be assured that we offer only the finest jewelry with the highest quality diamonds, natural gemstones and solid gold or platinum.  We offer a wide selection of beautiful styles with many one-of-a-kind pieces. We hope that you will enjoy your experience and the exceptional quality found only at MyJewelrySource.