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Platinum Rings

Platinum Diamond Eternity Bands | Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum Diamond Eternity Rings | Platinum Ring  

Platinum Engagement Ring | Platinum Diamond Eternity Band

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Engagement Mountings in Platinum
Vintage Styled 0.54 ctw Diamond Semi-Mount and Wedding Ring in Platinum Vintage Diamond Platinum Engagement Set in Platinum
0.45 ctw Diamond Platinum Engagement Set in Platinum
In Stock
Engagement Mounting Details
1.30 ctw Bead Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring Set in Platinum 1.30 ctw Round Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band in Platinum 
1.30 ctw Bead Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring Set in Platinum
In Stock
Engagement Mounting Details

Eternity Bands with choice of Platinum
Shared Prong Round Diamond Eternity Band Shared Prong Round Diamond Eternity Band
0.80 ctw Shared Prong Round Diamond Eternity Band
Ships in 2-3 weeks
from $1769
Special Order
Eternity Band Details
Three Row Pave Diamond Eternity Band Platinum Pave Diamond Eternity Band
1.9 ctw Pave Diamond Eternity Band
Ships in 2-4 weeks
from $3809
Special Order
Platinum Eternity Band Details
4 Row Diamond Eternity Band in platinum 4-ROW Pave Diamond Eternity Band in platinum
2.0-2.6 ctw 4-ROW Pave Diamond Eternity Band
(3/4 or full eternity band)
Ships in 2-4 weeks
from $4809
Special Order
Eternity Band Details

Anniversary Band Rings in Platinum
0.73 ctw Bead Set Diamond Anniversary Band in Platinum Diamond Anniversary Band in Platinum
0.73 ctw Bead Set Diamond Anniversary Band  in Platinum
In Stock
Anniversary Band Details
0.80 ctw Diamond Ring in Platinum with Heart Gallery 0.8 carat Heart Gallery 5-stone Diamond Ring in Platinum
0.8 carat Heart Gallery 5-stone Diamond Ring in Platinum
In Stock
Platinum Anniversary Band Details
0.76 carat Platinum Pave Diamond Ring Pave Diamond Rings in Platinum
0.76 ctw  Pave Diamond Ring in Platinum
In Stock
Diamond Ring Details
Platinum Princess and Baguette Diamond Ring 1.15 ctw Princess and Baguette Diamond Ring in Platinum
1.15 ctw Princess and Baguette Diamond Ring in Platinum
Ships in 2-3 weeks
Special Order
Anniversary Ring Details
3.0 ctw Princess-Cut Diamond Ring in Platinum and 18k yellow gold  Bold 3.0 carat Platinum and 18k diamond anniversary ring
  Breathtaking 3.0 carat Platinum and 18k Diamond Ring
In Stock
Platinum Anniversary Band Details

Platinum Jewelry:

Platinum is pure, rare, eternal and versatile.  Platinum is a natural white metal and because it is generally 95% pure (18 karat gold is 75% pure), platinum jewelry does not fade or tarnish and will keep its look for a lifetime. Platinum's purity makes it hypoallergenic and ideal for those with sensitive skin. Platinum is extremely rare, 35 times rarer than gold. In fact, it is estimated that if all the platinum in the world were poured into one Olympic swimming pool it would be scarcely deep enough to cover your ankles!  Gold would fill more than three pools.  Platinum is eternal and platinum jewelry is the perfect choice for a lifetime of everyday wear. Its density and weight make it more durable than other jewelry metals. Platinum does not wear away and holds precious stones firmly and securely. Like all precious metals, platinum scratches. However, the scratch on a platinum piece is merely a displacement of the metal and none of its volume is lost.  You can feel the difference in a platinum ring. Platinum weighs 60% more than 14k gold. In addition to its strength and density, platinum is remarkably pliable. Just one gram of platinum can be drawn to fine wire over one mile long.  Platinum also plays an important role in medicine.  It is not affected by the oxidizing reaction of blood, has excellent conductivity, and is compatible with living tissue. Because of these properties, platinum is used for pacemakers and is a life-saving metal for many people. Platinum's rarity and uncommon characteristics make it exclusive and distinctive.

Caring for platinum: Remove your platinum jewelry on when doing home cleaning, gardening and other types of heavy work or manual labor. Don't handle bleach or harsh chemicals when wearing platinum jewelry. Although they won't hurt the platinum, chemicals may discolor diamonds or gemstones. Store pieces separately so they will not be scratched by other items of jewelry. Clean your platinum jewelry the same way you clean other fine jewelry, using a pre-packaged jewelry cleaner or by soaking it in a mild solution of soap and warm water then gently rubbing it with a soft cloth. Take your platinum piece to a qualified jeweler for polishing if visible scratches appear. All precious metals can scratch and platinum is no exception. However, the scratch on platinum is merely a displacement of the metal and none of its volume is lost. Over time, platinum develops a natural patina that many people prefer over the "just polished" appearance. When this happens, you can take your piece to a qualified jeweler to have it re-polished to a high gloss look.

Diamond jewelry makes a wonderful gift for any occasion, whether it be a self-purchase just because you deserve it or a first fine jewelry gift to a sweetheart or a deeply sentimental choice to celebrate your years together. The diamonds that MyJewelrySource.com uses in our jewelry meet very strict grading standards and we are very proud of the quality, workmanship and selection we offer.  Ultimately the selection of diamond jewelry is based on your taste and preferences and MyJewelrySource.com offers a very wide range of styles from delicate baby shoe pendants for the mom-to-be to dramatic diamond crosses to celebrate your faith or make a fashion statement. Our diamond heart pendants can express your love beautifully and our solitaires are always in style. Our diamond ring selection ranges from classic anniversary bands and eternity band rings to engagement mountings to colored diamond fashion pieces. In our diamond bracelet collection, you will find traditional tennis bracelets and sophisticated bangles. Diamond earrings are always the perfect gift; we offer a wide selection of diamond studs, fashionable inside-outside styles, and dressy pieces.

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man with the highest rating of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Only a diamond can scratch another diamond. A diamond is made of pure carbon, the only gemstone made of just one element. Interestingly, carbon is the building block that is found in every living thing on Earth. What makes diamonds so hard is their unique crystal structure, the specific arrangement of carbon atoms. Millions and millions years ago when the continents were formed, enough heat and pressure were present deep inside the Earth to create diamonds. Blue diamonds are created when boron is present in addition to the carbon atoms. Yellow diamonds form when nitrogen is present. Diamonds have found their way to the surface through the eruption of volcanoes. The rock formed by the volcanoes is called Kimberlite and that is where diamonds are found. Today diamonds are mined in about 25 countries, with a large percentage being mined in South Africa. Diamond care: Diamonds repel water but unfortunately readily accept wax or grease. Diamonds will become dirty and dull when they are exposed to skin oils, perfumes, lotions, dirt, and dust. These elements adhere to the surface of the diamond and reduce its brilliance.  While steaming and ultrasonic cleaning will not damage diamonds, these methods are not recommended by MJS as they may loosen the setting, and subsequently, stones may fall out. Your diamond jewelry may also be cleaned with a soft-bristled brush or a cloth with plain or soapy water or mild household chemicals.



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