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   Conversion Table: mm to inches    1 inch = 25.4 mm





inches (approximate)   
Yellow Sapphire RingsPink Sapphire Diamond RingsSapphire Engagement Rings

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1 mm1/32"

blue sapphire and diamond ringRuby Engagement Rings

Tanzanite and Diamond Rings

Unheated Untreated Natural Blue Sapphire

Sapphire Jewelry 

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2 mmjust over 1/16"
3 mmjust over 3/32"
4 mmjust over 1/8"
5 mm3/16"
6 mmjust under 1/4"
7 mmjust over 1/4"
8 mm5/16"
9 mmjust under 3/8"
10 mmjust over 3/8"
11 mm7/16"
12 mmjust under 1/2"
13 mmjust over 1/2"
14 mmjust under 9/16"
15 mmjust under 5/8"
16 mm5/8"
17 mmjust under 11/16"
18 mmjust under 3/4"
19 mm3/4"
20 mmjust under 13/16"
21 mmjust over 13/16"
22 mmjust under 7/8"
23 mmjust under 15/16"
24 mm15/16"
25 mm1"


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  Sapphire Rings Blue Sapphire Rings Pink Sapphire Rings Pink Sapphire Diamond Rings Yellow Sapphire Rings Unheated Natural Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring


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Ceylon Sapphire RingPink Sapphire Diamond Engagement RingYellow Sapphire Engagement RingRuby Engagement Rings
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