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Unique Gemstone Engagement Rings and Birthstone Promise Rings

Precious Gemstones:
Diamond and Sapphire Engagement RingsPink Sapphire Engagement RingsYellow Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring. Sapphire Promise Ring.Orange Sapphire Engagement RingEmerald Engagment RingsBurmese Ruby Engagement Ring
Blue Sapphire Engagement RingsPink Sapphire Engagement RingsYellow Sapphire Engagement RingsOrange Sapphire Engagement RingsEmerald Engagement Rings Ruby Engagement Rings


Other Gemstones:
Amethyst engagement rings. Amethyst promise rings.Aquamarine Engagement RingsBlue Zircon Engagement RingLondon Blue Topaz Cushion Engagement RingsCitrine engagement rings. Citrine promise rings.Iolite Engagement Rings

Amethyst Engagement Rings
including Prasiolite

Aquamarine Engagement RingsBlue Zircon Engagement RingsBlue Topaz Engagement RingsCitrine Engagement RingsIolite Engagement Rings

Garnet Engagement Ring Set in white goldPeridot engagement rings. Peridot promise rings.Tanzanite Engagement RingPink Tourmaline Engagement RingsSeafoam Green Tourmaline Ringgreen tourmaline engagement rings
Garnet Engagement RingsPeridot Engagement RingsTanzanite Engagement RingsPink Tourmaline Engagement RingsSeafoam Tourmaline Engagement RingsGreen Tourmaline Engagement Rings

Precious Gemstones
Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings
Emerald Engagement Rings
Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings
Orange Sapphire Engagement Rings
Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings
Ruby Engagement Rings
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Men's Wedding Rings

Gemstone Engagement and Promise Rings

MyJewelrySource offers a beautiful selection of truly unique gemstone engagement rings and birthstone promise rings, most of which are exclusively sold here. None of our rings are mass produced and we carefully hand pick each gemstone for the rings we make. We know how significant and important an engagement or promise ring is, so we take great care in creating the most beautiful and high quality gemstone engagement rings that will last a lifetime.

Gemstone or birthstone engagement rings are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to diamond engagement rings. Gemstone engagement rings add a brilliant or subtle splash of color and allow for greater individual expression then ever before. There are many reasons for choosing a gemstone engagement ring instead of a diamond engagement ring. The most obvious is personal expression and that fact the are much more affordable is a great plus too. People choose their gemstone based on his birthstone, her birthstone, the month the couple met or got engaged, or some other significant date for the couple. For many of our rings, we can even incorporate two gemstones.

Gemstones are made deep inside the earth and come in every hue, tone, saturation and color you can imagine. And even better, they are everlasting.  A purchase of a fine piece of gemstone jewelry will last a lifetime and will certainly be passed on from generation to generation.

Whether you like classic, elegant, bold, contemporary, timeless or understated styles, you can find many pieces at that will suit your taste. When selecting colored gemstone jewelry, the color is generally what will attract you initially, but it is good to consider the styling of the piece as well. What gemstone is right for you?  Does the color compliment the colors of your wardrobe?

Of course, other gemstones will work beautifully with the wardrobes colors described, and ultimately it is up to your own personal taste and style.

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All orders by 5pm EST (2pm PST) are shipped the Same or Next Business Day.  All items are In Stock unless otherwise noted. Rings ordered without ring sizing will be shipped without delay.  For privacy, shipping boxes are plain and unmarked. See also: Shipping Transit Times.

If ring sizing is ordered, please allow 1-2 weeks for shipment. Please remember that nearly all of our rings can be sized by your local jeweler or we would be happy to size and return your ring to you within 30 days for FREE (one time only).
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